Stronger 3-D Printed Parts with a Professional Finish

During this months meeting at Tim Morris’s shop I noted the interest shown by many members in the 3-D printer that was humming away producing a part while we talked and connected.  It made me recall that I recently came across an article in the EAA’s Experimenter magazine that talked about how to do post processing on 3-D printed parts to improve both their strength and aesthetic qualities.

This three part 3-D printing series, by Carol & Brian Carpenter, talks first about using part printing orientation to greatly improve the strength of the printed part in Part I of the article, and how to do the post processing in Part II.  I have also included another article by the couple about 3D- modeling software.

I found these articles very insightful, and am anxious to apply the shared post processing methods on my next printed part.  Enjoy the reading, and I look forward to hearing about your experiences using 3-D printing in the construction of your aircraft.

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Tom Martin
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