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A chapter wiki is in the works and needs your help! The wiki is located at and there is a link on the website homepage right under the picture. It’s a work in progress and is as ready as it will ever be. For those that don’t know a wiki is a website that anyone can edit or add pages too, it is really easy but takes a bit of knowledge to do. We have put together a help page that contains the basic “syntax” (language a wiki page is written in, which isn’t difficult to get the hang of), just type “help” in the search bar or click help on the left side menu bar.

A wiki is like a treasure hunt as you build it. You are creating or editing a page and use a word, you or someone might not know that term or word so you create a link for it. When you publish that page you find one of two things…

Someone made a page for that word already and it may be really great or it may need expanding or tweaking. Or you just created that page via the link, it is a blank slate! It will be up to you or another person to get it off the ground. You’ll find some pages started this way (hint, if you find text in a blue color it is a link that has been created, if the text is red then it’s a page that needs to be created).

When you have some time, visit the wiki and explore! While the project is in its infancy, there are many interesting links in the left side menu bar. Here you’ll find links to a “Random” page, no telling where that will take you. There is a link for “Wanted Pages” that will lead you to a complete list of red links you’ll find thought the wiki of pages that need to be created, the more pages that contain links to this yet to be created page the higher it is on the list. Also in the left side menu bar you will see “Recent changes” which shows exactly what you would expect, the most recent activity on the wiki.

The key here is anyone can edit any page, the pages we all create and add to do not belong to any one person. So if you see someone make a page but it needs some help and you can do so, just do it. These are not articles like a blog, this is a group think project that leads to a massive data base of easily accessible information. If you come across something neat that you find useful (or think others may find useful or helpful) please add it! We’ve started a “Construction Tips” page that leads to a landing page that further directs towards different topics, please add more topics / pages / tips / ideas / etc…. The more additions to the wiki the better.

Lastly what if you are like, why isn’t there a page on ______. Please take a moment to create one, find a page that would be related and edit that one, create a link to the term you want to add and presto click that link and the wiki will open a blank page and have at it. The wiki is a Do-ocracy (there is a page there explaining that term!), and we’re here to help if you need it.

Sadly we’ve had some major spammer issues, you’ll need to sign up and verify your address before you can edit and add content.  Please do so and if you run into any trouble please drop an email to wiki@ (please remove the space before hitting send).


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